Pack 3 Mixed Mullo + Organic Glass


Discover the Pack 3 Mixed Mullo + Recycled Glass, a perfect combination to enjoy the best of Chilean nature! 🌿💦

Your usual mixed pack now with a recycled glass cup included
Hydrate yourself intelligently and sustainably with Mullo in our ecological cup.

ATTENTION: Our recycled glass is transparent, each photo contains a special edition that allows the design to stand out.

Mullo is a 100% natural smart water , lightly carbonated and carefully crafted using extracts of medicinal herbs and endemic fruits from the beautiful Chilean Patagonia. Each sip will transport you to pristine landscapes and provide you with the benefits of these powerful medicinal plants.

With the Pack 3 Mullo + Recycled Glass , you not only ensure that you acquire three delicious varieties of Mullo to enjoy whenever you want, but you also contribute to caring for the environment. The recycled glass, made from glass bottles , is a sustainable and eco-friendly option that allows you to enjoy your Mullo with style and environmental awareness.

Enjoy this refreshing and healthy drink, full of unique properties and flavors, while taking care of yourself and our beautiful natural environment. The Mullo 3 Pack + Recycled Glass is the perfect combination for a refreshing and conscious experience!

Dare to try it!




Sin azúcar
Sin calorías
Sin preservantes
Libre de gluten