At Mullo, we stand out as innovators and pioneers in the process of extracting the essences of herbs and fruits for our smart waters.

We use NADES solvents, a completely ecological, sustainable and highly efficient technology. This choice not only improves the preservation of valuable micronutrients, but also allows a rapid and vacuum process, occupying 100% of the extracts. Most notably, this method eliminates the need for preservatives, while significantly enhancing the natural flavors of our waters.

Mullo Focus - Power your mind, refresh your moments

Mullo Focus is formulated with Green Tea, recognized for its stimulating properties, which provide you with energy and act as a natural antioxidant to maintain your vitality, accompanied by Mint and the natural sweetness of Cherry.

Mullo Relax - the path to relaxation starts here

Each sip contains the comforting natural extract of Linden, the sweet essence of Murtilla and the relaxing softness of Orange. Discover how Mullo Relax transforms your moments, giving you an oasis of calm and helping you release stress. Elevate your wellness experience with Mullo Relax

Mullo Dreams - The rest you deserve, at your fingertips

With a mixture of herbs such as Lavender and Lemon Balm, recognized for their relaxing and anxiolytic properties. These herbs have been used to relieve anxiety and insomnia, helping you find restful sleep, combined with the natural sweetness of Maqui.