Pack 24 Mullo Relax


Take it easy with Mullo Relax!

Mullo Relax is a 100% natural, slightly carbonated smart water, made with natural extracts extracted directly from the south of our country. Its properties provide you with body and mental calm, allowing you to reduce tension and experience a moment of relaxation.

Contains :

Orange, with its great contribution of vitamin C, helps level cortisol hormones, helping to relieve stress.

Linden , thanks to its sedative medicinal power, relieves stress, nerves, relaxes muscles and reduces anxiety.

Murtilla, a fruit high in antioxidants and also gives the natural sweetness to Mullo Relax.

No calories, no preservatives, no added sugar, gluten free and non-GMO

Make the most of your Mullo by drinking it ice cold!




Sin azúcar
Sin calorías
Sin preservantes
Libre de gluten