Team Mullo

Team Mullo

At Mullo, transparency is essential. We are proud to rescue the wisdom of the properties of herbs and fruits from southern Chile, providing benefits such as calming anxiety, combating insomnia and relaxing the nervous system.

Our mission is to promote well-being, and that is why we created Mullo, a smart water that genuinely contributes to health.

Thanks to our innovative extraction process, our waters are 100% natural. With a clean label, we have only 2 primary ingredients: carbonated water and herbal and fruit extracts.

Dr. Claudia Barrera - Founder of Mullo and psychiatrist

At Grupo Cetep we know that good general health and mental health are results of taking care of our body. That is why for years we had the dream of "incorporating healthy foods with ingredients beneficial for mental health to our offer of services and products, so we began to develop Mullo"

"The sale of these products promotes the development of healthy lifestyles and prevents general illnesses and mental health illnesses", which is aligned with our mission of “bringing mental health and well-being to people” and our purpose of generate a positive impact, marking a before and after in people's lives.